C1213RM Curved Magnums 20PCS
C1213RM Curved Magnums 20PCS

C1213RM Curved Magnums 20PCS

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The round magnum configurations are available with 7. 9. 11, 13 and 15 needle points. T&T curved magnums are weaved by way of a flat needle to allow for better ink dispersion while tattooing and have shorter needle points at the sides, making tattooing smoother and causing less damage to the skin. These curved magnums are #12 in diameter and are great to colour pack large areas for tattooing, shading medium and large areas, as well as blending.

  • DOWNWARD FORCE - Patent of Mechanics Design Formation. Keep the needle pressed against the bottom of the needle's mouth.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Safety 316-grade medical-use stainless steel and medical-grade plastic.
  • EASY TO USE - Each tattoo needle has a standard knob lock mechanism, which is suitable for all traditional tattoo machine grips.