A1009RL Bugpin Round Liner 20PCS
A1009RL Bugpin Round Liner 20PCS

A1009RL Bugpin Round Liner 20PCS

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The bugpin round liner configurations are available with 3, 5, 7, 9 and 14 needle points. T&T bugpin round liners are configured in a perfectly round shape and are manufactured with long tapers to keep some tightness between the needle points. These liners are 0.30mm(#10)in diameter and are used a lot for lining, dot work, and filling out details.

  • DOWNWARD FORCE - Patent of Mechanics Design Formation. Keep the needle pressed against the bottom of the needle's mouth.
  • ULTRA INK STORAGE - Greatly increases the ink storage capacity to ensure smoother and longer ink flow time.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Safety 316-grade medical-use stainless steel and medical-grade plastic.
  • EASY TO USE - Each tattoo needle has a standard knob lock mechanism, which is suitable for all traditional tattoo machine grips.
  • ANTI-BACKFLOW - There is an anti-backflow system inside the cartridge. Effectively prevents ink from contaminating the tattoo machine.