Affiliate Program Introduction

What is T&T Affiliate

Affiliate marketing can be done by anyone, anywhere. If you’re looking for a side hustle that is low risk, then T&T Affiliate Program is a great option to consider.

For any order completed by entering our store through the referral link we gave you personally, you will get a 5% commission of the order amount. The shipping and after-sales for referral orders are all done by T&T. All you need is just the client acquisition only. What is more for you, which is we provide you with some marketing consultation and initiatives.

*You can track and follow up on all your referrals orders and financial details in our affiliate marketing system.


5%*Order Amount, w/o shipping&tax.


You can get a free box of needles for every 20 orders. (All on-sale products on our website are available to be your option) We will send it out after commission settlement.

*Email is the way we contact you for all and don't forget to check your mailbox.

Settlement Way:


We currently can only pay your commission this way, so please make sure your PayPal account information is complete and correct. If you don't have your PayPal account, please register before you sign up for our affiliate plan.

Settlement Date: 

On the 1st of each month, if there is a public holiday or weekend, the settlement will be made on the next working day.

Cookie Duration:

14 Days 

It means that as long as the customer has clicked on your link, even if he enters our website from other places to make an order within 14 days, we will still pay you a commission.


The affiliate buys through their referral link/coupon or other affiliates' referral links, which does not count into your referrals, and pays the commission.

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